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NEW MUSIC: Elton John Cena – Beer Pong.mp3

Elton John Cena – Beer Pong

Elton John Cena – Beer Pong mp3 audio download

Download Elton John Cena – Beer Pong mp3.

Avery Springer has a solo project called Elton John Cena, a name that sounds like one of those Jeopardy answers where they make you fuse together two unrelated topics. At the end of the week, she’s releasing a new EP, All Rats Go To Heaven, and today she’s sharing “Beer Pong” from it.

It’s just as layered as anything she’d make with her main band, if a little more laidback, scrunched-up, and interior. “Beer Pong” is all about party anxiety and the social ritual of hitting a ball into a cup in an effort to bond with the people around you. “I can’t say that I’m too much fun/ I sweat a lot when I’m in the sun,” Springer sings on it. “No, I’d really rather stay home.”

Listen to “Beer Pong” and another early single, “Try,” below.

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